Wow. Thank you for writing in such a way that I believe I can almost understand this, just the tiniest little glimmer! I always find talk of the universe's mysteries very comforting. Thank you very much.

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Or perhaps it will be a person who never was taught the big bang theory to begin with. :) Perhaps we've gotten some fundamentals wrong and we can't see those because they've become hardwired in our brains.

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Once again, "wonderment" is a term far too small for reality. Meanwhile, back here on what is currently known as the USA, we squabble over how many Republicrat thoughts can dance on the head of a pin.

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"Pulsars emit radio signals in pulses many times a second. Though these pulses are very regular, there is a small wobble in the timing of each. We learned this year that all 68 known fast pulsars are wobbling in unison, though they are thousands of lightyears apart. What gives?"

It's most likely because stars are electrical in nature, and these pulsars are powered by the same current.

Regardless, they sure aren't spinning, the forces would tear them apart.


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Which figure number is that? Among the 74 in the paper I probably missed it. Is there an error bar associated with this synchrony?

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Confusingly, there were two simultaneous publications from the NanoGrav (American) group. The figure I include is Fig. 1 from the first of these, Evidence for a Gravitational Wave Background


But the link I provided was to the second

Observations and Timing of Millisecond Pulsars


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