Doctor Becky has a video putting this new Chae study in context:


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You keep writing about really interesting things, Josh!

I saw you joined Dr. Setty in a visit with Dr. Nass:


Here's something that starts to explain why it is so hard to take in the profundity of evil today:


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For the past 5-10 years I’d begun to think dark matter was being described as a thing itself instead of an unknown variable. As I read papers or listened to talks I noticed I’d been rolling my eyes. Over time I started feeling annoyed, like it was becoming a religious belief. Fast forward to today and we can watch events like Neil Degrasse Tyson telling Del Bigtree that general science is a religious cult and it’s a good thing. Sure, we need to have faith it’s a good thing but Neil says that’s all part of what makes it great.

Any scientist researching away from dogmatic beliefs is doing heroic work as far as I’m concerned. Thanks for highlighting this work.

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Theoretical physics being overextended is an interesting thought. The same might be true for science overall.

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