At the risk of being impudent, yet feeling compelled to state what I'd hope should be painfully obvious: No sensible person would trust any statistic from China. Need I remind you this is an authoritarian regime? As such a skeptic should view any data at all, even if were a report on the nation's athletes, as what it most likely is: Pure disinformation geared to support a partisan viewpoint. This doesn't preclude an occasional true admission. These will be repeated if they suit the ruling party's interests, or sometimes the slip past the censors.

In brief: anything purporting to be scientific or statistical data cannot be believed. The analysis for other nations, to include your own, isn't much different.

We've always been at war with East Asia. Or was it Eurasia?

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Always a consistently illuminating read; thank-you. As an interesting aside, I paid a visit to an acupuncturist in January 2020. Obviously well-versed in Chinese lore, after the treatment she casually mentioned that 2020 is the year of the metal rat, the year when everything stops, 'like a knife through butter' she put it, and a new cycle begins. I didn't pay much attention until March 2020, when everything DID stop. The previous year of the metal rat was 1960, the year of the disastrous '4 pests' campaign, when millions in China died from famine. Curious.

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My first reaction as I began reading this was, well, that was just one single informant who painted such a rosy picture of life after Covid. Surely there was psychic damage done, given the hard, long lockdown. How could a whole population simply agree to these anti human measures, then simply set them aside and go on their merry way as if nothing has happened? I wonder, dd the Chinese authorities mandate that people take their vaccine?

When I look around me and see people still wearing masks, outside or indoors, I see them as psychologically wounded. But the image your informant paints is of a seemingly resilient people who were fine with lockdowns or not. As Chick Hearn used to say (he was the voice of the LA Lakers for many years), “No harm, no foul.” For my part, I’m pleased with my newfound independence from the collective hive, a natural reaction to the covid authoritarianism we’ve witnessed, but I wonder how much it’s about baseline perspective, whether a baseline of western freedoms or a baseline of Chinese collectivism.

Your article has helped to widen my perspective .

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