This is completely out of my frame of reference. Thank you for expanding my knowledge even if I don't fully understand.

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Hi Josh first heard you in Dr. Barrett's show

... Always a must isten though I confess I have not yet listened to the latest.

Have you got kinks to any of these disappearing scientists stories, or perhaps I'll hear them on the show...

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The only stories I know in any detail are Eugene Mallove and Joseph Newman, very different cases.

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This was a radio interview of Vassilatos, that has a lot of biographical and scientific info not found elsewhere. It is based on extensive research buried in the catacombs of libraries. (Ignore the cartoon, which the radio station probably did for promotional purposes.)


This is a pdf of Vassilatos book "Lost Science" which has a chapter on Tesla that is very meaty. Before the turn of the 19th century Tesla had put A/C behind him. He was working with disruptively discharged D/C to provoke ethereal effects. His term for these effects was "radiant energy." By continually discharging megavolts of electricity at mega hertz intervals, he was able to force matter to revert to the ethereal state.


This is a pdf of Vassilatos book "History of Cold War Technology." The first chapter covers mostly the same material about Tesla as "Lost Science"


Listening to the video and reading these two chapters will only take you several hours. This is the knowledge of Tesla that very few people know about. Cover this material NOW before you looze track of the links.

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