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First time reader here, thank you. I found here when searching for information on ADEI after reading Dr. Paul Alexander's newsletter, link below (I'm familiar with the concept as I've read and listened to Geert Vanden Bossche etc. and how their warnings have been censored and mocked):


Then I noticed this, which made me suspicious when I started studying C19 closely:

"But all the mainstream vaccines, including the adenovirus vaccine of J&J, use the spike protein as epitope. The epitope was selected early in the design phase of the vaccines, in the winter of 2020."

- How is it possible that all of the corporations used the most unstable part of the virus for the basis of their vaccines no matter if tech was mRNA/adenovirus?

- They must have communicated together but even that doesn't explain why they'd choose a part that will most likely cause escape-variants? Insanity.

Which leads to WHY? Why did they predispose the injectees to this:

"...producing excessive quantities of the spike protein and continuing to generate the spike protein months after vaccination become a much more serious health hazard when we realize how toxic the spike protein is..."

Choosing the toxic spike protein, packaging the encoding mRNA in toxic Lipid Nano Particles and giving this poison emergency use authorization doesn't sound like a decision made by people who care about public health, it sounds like work of an evil madman. Then market them as "safe and effective".

Injecting the "construction plan" for the production of a foreign protein, without having any control over its construction, was totally insane; There is no control over which cells will produce it and in what amount, nor how to stop the production. And it was the same "cocktail", no matter if young and healthy already infected or old and frail, no infection.

What I've learnt from Dr. Bhakdi etc. is that the cells which are coerced to produce and then present the foreign protein on their surface, will be attacked by the immune system which causes their demise, thus inflammation. In some cases destruction of parts or even the whole organ they are part of. It seems like this happened with this unlucky young man (death 4 days after 3rd pfizer, multifocal myocarditis):


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