Dr Malone is one of the most articulate and outspoken members of our team. Because of his position and his history, he commands an audience that you or I cannot hope to reach. If he stakes out positions that are less radical than mine, I nevertheless welcome and appreciate his voice.

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Excellent summary and explanation of the bioengineering and evolution. Thanks, and I did watch it live. Hope this pushes the tipping point.

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Most articulate. Thank you.

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Good article on the gain of function research on Substack here Josh: https://harvard2thebighouse.substack.com/p/no-monkey-ever-reheated-a-frozen-624?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

Harvard to The Big House - Straight to Your House

“No monkey ever reheated a frozen burrito.”

What "The Expanse" tells us about the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, the long sordid history of serial passage gain-of-function research, and the decades-long effort to whitewash it all.


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"Dr Malone says there are studies on toxicity of coronavirus spike proteins going back to 1992."

Yet he got the vaccine and still things the old and immunocompromised should too.

And he's always careful too say "healthy" children shouldn't get it. The real answer is just "children. Period."

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Lots of narrative reinforcement going around.

Even many "in the know" are still trapped in some version of the "Covid" merry-go-round. The official narrative of "Covid" is a fiction- all facets of it. There was no "pandemic" and there was no "lab leak."

The Wuhan lab leak theory is used to reinforce viral fear porn.

The "lab leak" theory does not hold water and covers up what actually happened which was straight forward mass murder in nursing homes and hospitals. This had nothing whatsoever to do with a viral event and all to do with administrative slaughter and hospicide.

The evidence is crystal clear on this and voluminous.

All of the “Covid deaths” are fraudulent and inventions from the Pharma/medical/media cartel. The vast majority are medical murder.

The others fall into the category of straightforward fraud based on fudging death certificates. But even if the “bioweapon theory” were true shouldn’t we all be relieved as this “novel pathogen” only seemed to impact the fragile and poor 80 year olds and assorted sickly people who got crammed into hospitals and then had various pharmatoxicological crap jammed into their bodies and/or were vented.

One of the prime reasons the lab-leak theory is so problematic is that it serves the Deep State agenda in that it reinforces the idea that the virus is a real problem that needs to be solved, rather than a fear-based control narrative. This "virus" is not man made in a lab in Wuhan. The "virus" was birthed in the corporate boardrooms of Pharma/Finance, "brought to life" via the corrupt Christina Drosten and launched into widespread "belief" via the largest propaganda campign in history.

As far as any pandemic there was none whatsoever- the data on this is irrefutable. Those who repeat this lie do a great disservice to everyone by reinforcing this lie. Not only does the "pandemic" narrative serve to cover up the fact that it was mass murder directly attributable to policies mandated by identifiable individuals but it serves as a smokescreen for the entire "Covid" scam that is steamrolling people's lives.

Here are just a few of the things you have to believe to accept the pandemic narrative and thusly the assorted tentacles such as the “lab leak” theory:

1) The “first wave” of Covid deaths in the US- the 6 week spike- occurred almost exclusively in nursing homes and hospitals- not in the general population. This virus targeted these places and not the rest of the country;

2) This group that was targeted by this virus was elderly and sickly. The median age of Covid deaths during this period exceeded normal life expectancies with on average 4 comorbidties. They were also forced into isolation, abandoned and/or given numerous toxic pharmaceuticals beyond their normal medical regimes. This deadly virus was only able to impact those who already had one foot in the grave;

3) During this “initial wave” only 15 out of 51 (DC) states were impacted. Many of these states border one another. These states all had Democrats as governors who enacted the same policies during the very same week. The other 36 states were not impacted during this time. This virus observed borders and political affiliations;

4) During this time those impacted were almost exclusively poor and many were disabled. This GOF virus stayed away from upper middle class and wealthy people;

5) During this time this virus did not enter into Canada observing the world’s longest and one of the if not the most heavily trafficked, commercial and personal, borders;

6) This virus had no lead in time. There was no observable evidence for a coming mass death event caused by a virus. The all-cause death rate leading into Week 14 2020 was negative for the US in 2020 and spiked precisely the week the WHO declared a global pandemic.

7) This "deadly lab-leaked virus” caused no mass death in the original place of the “lab leak”;

8) The “gain of function” hypercharged “virii” migrated to N Italy from Wuhan skipping over Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran etc;

9) The “virii” did not migrate south once in Italy nor impact other parts of Europe- instead it went to Elmhurst hospital in NY;

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Good points all, Allen. Keep it coming.

One minor correction -- the virus didn't skip Iran in those first few weeks. It killed several of Iran's parliamentary leaders. Ron Unz takes this as one of the pieces of evidence that COVID was a US bioweapon aimed at China and Iran. (He then has to explain that the perps quickly changed their plan in March 2020 when it became clear the virus had taken root in America.) https://www.unz.com/mwhitney/the-covid-bioweapon-made-in-the-usa-aimed-at-china/

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The article is fraught with presuppositions and conjecture. No concrete evidence of anything as is always the case with the "lab leakers."

It's truly breathtaking to watch this mass of propaganda and "counter" narratives and all you need to do is look at the evidence to realize how preposterous this is.

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"laboratory origin of COVID is important is that it implies there are people who designed the SARS-CoV-2 virus, who know what it does and does not do"

Not necessarily true.

Root cause of COVID-19? Biotechnology's dirty secret: Contamination. Bioinformatics evidence demonstrates that SARS-CoV-2 was created in a laboratory, unlikely to be a bioweapon but most likely a result of sloppy experiments


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Thank you - this is another perspective which I must respect, consistent with much of the same genetic data.

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Josh, is it possible that Covid was an attempt at some sort of transmissible vaccine gone horribly awry? What you'd do is find an innocuous virus that causes a cold and attach something to it intended to innoculate against another pathogen. Convergent herd immunity to the different strains of covid indicate it was around in the spring of 2018, if not earlier. There's a twitter account named The Ethical Skeptic that has the research on immunity convergence. I asked him about my hypothesis and he thought it entirely plausible, so maybe check with him - it's a very prominent account.

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