I remember when the news came out that the Covid virus came out of China, thinking it was a bioweapon. I had been watching China's take over of products on amazon, and could see that they'd already infiltrated our consumerism system and it was just a matter of time. Lyme disease, tho? wtaf. I guess our standard American diet, toxic chemicals via Monsanto, isn't killing us fast enough?

I like scientific experimentation, but seriously, it's like Doc Oc took over the labs.

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Aug 22, 2022·edited Aug 22, 2022

Prohibition never works like it's supposed to, and usually amplifies the pathological effects it's intended to control while catastrophically corrupting the institutions charged with the responsibility of regulating and enforcing the prohibition.

As it relates to biologicals and pharmaceuticals, the evidence of this truth is everywhere one might choose to look.

We need expansive networks of independent national toxicology and pathology survey and monitoring programs looking at everything potentially impacting human morbidity.

We need wide-spread toxicology competence in our increasingly complex technic society.

The myopic focus on diseased humans fails to properly look at the scope of forcings that cause human disease.

To stop behaving stupidly is Job One. This begins in earnest when we collectively realize we don't have a wellness economy in the modern world. We have instead evolved a sickness economy.

With the best intentions we have become trapped in a powerful irony. We use our technology and capital to harvest sickness for commerce.

Morbidy is the object of the exercise. The more morbidity, the more money made.

Ignorance rises to an art form as the players play the dirty game and harvest the losers.

Birx, Collins, Fauci, et al. They play this game very well indeed.

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Excellent, well written, clear, informative, convincing. Thanks for this.

Did you mean your last sentence "Let’s make bioweapon research go viral" to say something like "Let’s make awareness of bioweapon research, or challenges to it go viral"? And speaking of reckless endangerment and disregard checkout my latest on FDA's allowance of higher levels of Cesium 137 in our food.


For Those Who Still Trust the FDA. Radioactive Cesium – 137 Limits in Food by Country

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