Some wise words, none of them mine.

"A long life may not be good enough, but a good life is long enough." -- Ben Franklin

I'm strictly secular, but it should be clear that there are things we can do that will optimize our earthly tenure, e.g. eating intelligently, taking exercise, keeping in a good mental/spiritual attitude, etc. I can't tell you how to do those and no doubt opinions vary, but the wisdom exists for those who seek it.

Finally, even if there is no next world, there IS the present one. Our choices hugely influence the course of our current life, and will leave varying influences, good, bad or indeterminate, after we leave this plane of existence.

In closing, a quip from Seneca: We can walk hand in hand or arm in arm with Fate, or we can be dragged along. The choice is ours.

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Josh, you talk about hormesis as a physical challenge. I find that there has to be the mental challenge to motivate that. Also, when the body and mind are clear of accumulated toxins, flexible, resourceful and one knows the fine line between aging, giving into the rocking chair, and choosing Life, each day we stall the end, is food that feeds the wisdom needed to know what we need--bioavailable nutrients of the highest purity. They do exist in the simplest of foods. But one must be proprio-sensitive to them and that means going back to the beginning--fasting from time to time. Thanks for the video.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this important issue.

I believe we keep trying to do better things to live better and longer, but often without a deep goal.

If you come from a fear of death, or fear in general, the outcome will not be optimal.

If, however, you make efforts to sustain a better and longer life, out of a commitment to do good for others, to promote life from a deeper and more compassionate state, you will find that even genes and toxins can be affected positively without any chemical or other intervention.

Your wisdom grows and your life force grows, and without even thinking about it you make better choices.

And of course this is a hard path, a challenging path. And this challenge brings, through hard work, victories that expand your lifespan.

And it also brings happiness and fulfillment, for you are on your personal path of mission.

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Yes, aging and so-called death are part of this material existence.

According to so many philosophers and great spiritual teachers, the soul is eternal. AHAM BRAHMASMI - I am a Brahman, a spiritual soul, a spark of life, a child of God.... My existence is already eternal.

With these supplements and lifestyles, as you pointed out, we can simply function a little better - or we can stop or slow down the processes that result from the toxicity of what is used around us - toxic food, toxic drugs, toxic air, toxic water, and so on.

But wise people embrace the wisdom regarding our spiritual, not material eternal existence, and use life for self-realization. This is my take on this topic :)

Thank you


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It will never work. Big pharma can't make any money.

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