As a spiritual student of pure non-duality and ACIM, it does feel like a giant exposure of unconscious guilt is being brought to the surface for us to forgive. Without this thought despair is overwhelming, and I am unsure what to do. With this thought I can remember the Truth that, “What is Real cannot be threatened; what is unreal does not exist. Herein lies the peace of God.”

You have synthesized so much here, and I appreciate your big brain and skills to articulate these insane goings-on and possibilities. It helps to stop my brain from spinning out with my own nightmarish scenarios, and instead ask all that is Holy for a new perspective and what is my part to do to be helpful (besides remembering the Truth of God’s Oneness).

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What a lovely summary of all these taboos we've been hypnotized to never speak of as if completely avoiding such glaringly incongruous topics was the most natural thing in the world and would certainly have no consequences regarding prevailing power structures and the narratives they use to keep us compliant and obedient.

Power is truly wielded through perception - through the limitation and filtering of the perceptions of others. At least, this is the way to wield the dominating type of power that the ruling oligarchs command. And this type of power is an evil, and it elevates those in alignment with evil to more power.

Truth is the antidote to such evil. Not demanding that everyone agree with something as a truth, but truthfully stating what things look like from the standpoint of what we've perceived, and inviting in expressions of the perceptions of others to get the biggest and best picture possible of what is perceived, and being honest about what we don't know, or the degree of unknowing that exists in certain areas.

I appreciated the way you differentiated between knowing that the construction of megalithic relics is a mystery, but that we know it's a mystery, and we are left with theories about how it may have been possible, but we just don't know. Or how we know the footage of the moon landings were fabricated, but we don't know what that means about the actual moon missions themselves.

Thank you for this Josh!

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Excellent column, Josh. I have been keeping a list of what seem to be actively hidden truths as well since about 2010. We are tracking many of the same issues. My latest version of the list is here:


If you're unfamiliar with the much-maligned term "conspirituality", there's a link in one of my substack articles about it to the original journal of religious studies paper describing an internet phenomenon that the authors were researchers of (but no participants in).

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One of the most crucial pieces of reality is summed up in this vid from Suspicious0bservers. This event will trump everything else we think matters. His playlists include quite the education. The events unfolding now will most likely manifest in most young people's lifetime. Hold on to your hats folks!


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A ton of gratitude for the deep content. I look forward to many more.

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I believe in project blue beam.

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So happy to find this, so concise and lucid. Thanks for the good work. I second the documentary American Moon you link to. It finally convinced me that the moon landing was a hoax. Another modern legend bit the dust.

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I don't trust any institution to speak of, but my idea is to be a free paralegal in order to learn how to sue local and state authorities who acted above the law during the lockdowns and mandates. And beyond that I want to help start local free towns etc where the residents use unanimous rule to make ordinances against corruption of all kinds. My substacks are at https://substack.com/profile/98340589-len-kinder

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Thank God I found you. Which is a testament to the Internet working - at least in some peripheral realms that have escaped manipulation - the way it should.

You have a clear mind and a distinctive "voice." Be assured, from this day forward, I'll be reading everything you write. I trust that's worth precious little to you! But it is the sincerest utterance of gratitude, friend.

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""Is this profit driven? If the world’s ecosystems can no longer support human life, do the billionaires think that they will be granted an exemption?""


If you steal something valuable, the assumption is that you will go somewhere else to sell it or enjoy it.

If you consume all of the world's resources and make it unlivable...where are you going to live?

What is their endgame?

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One more maybe - the IAEA which both promotes and regulates nuclear power influence the NPT (Nuclear nonproliferation Treaty)'s formation with Article 4 -" inalienable right" to so called peaceful uses of nuclear energy, one of the 3 pillars of the NPT that most delegates mindlessly repeat, mantra like, which is a source of a lot of conflicts like Iran - but promotes a psychological acceptance of nuclear power and a desire for countries to have it

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Thanks for this.

* Paul Wellstone was speaking out during the run up to the invasion of Iraq. They first tried to destroy him politically which didn't work. They also cancelled Bill Maher - I believe getting rid of people who make us think

* You mention alternative medicine - also the Flexner Report and the Rockefeller's take over of US Med school curricula

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Spellbinding and adrenaline raising. So many related matters leap to mind, indeed. But for now I'll stick with one, and that is to recommend truthcomestolight.com.

As to "who owns the world," look for the link on Blackrock and Vanguard. Also see both https://drsambailey.com/resources/videos/corruption-and-medicine/toxicology-vs-virology-rockefeller-institute-and-the-criminal-polio-fraud/


Regarding climate, I recommend Paul Beckwith and the hundreds of videos he's put up on his own (he missed the coviscam, unfortunately). Here's Paul's latest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyvGMGP-iV0&t=0s.

As for the temp in Seattle, Guy McPherson has long ago explained that one must consider the global temperature as one would a fever in the body; a few degrees higher can be a deadly fever, with varying problems for the whole body.

And of course, as Beckwith put it, we are now in "a climate casino," alternatively described by him as "weather wilding." You won't find either of these two, or countless other truth speakers of what I'd call "biosphere collapse" on the MSM.

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