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Humanity cannot comprehend these deeds because humans are fundamentally compassionate and loving. They cannot imagine other humans intentionally trying to harm other humans. But there are other entities on this planet. Some exist in other dimensions and are parasitic in nature (feeding off negative emotions). Others are hidden but control the financial system and those in power. The world leaders are likely either puppets/minions or NOT human.

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I wrote about Eliphas Levi's take on the devil recently. So many have been talking about evil lately I thought it might resonate. He published in 1854, but his language speaks fairly clear to what we are dealing with.


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"How have our democratic institutions, our courts and our free press, become so corrupted that they cannot confront such evil? Will our failure to confront the globalists bring down all of human civilization, or just the West?"

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It is hard to be surprised by this when one reads even the ancient guides for the elites, such as "The Prince" or "The Art of War". There we see admonishments to routinely lie, deceive, and conquer, with nary a word about what is just or humane. We, the people, are the enemy that they, the mponied rulers, fear most, and must most pointedly suppress. Rape, slavery, etc, are barely a wink away, once an individual has crossed the line into that mode of thinking, borne of illegitimate economic dominance.

But, which way is forward? Will yet another expose do the trick? Can we reform the Republicrats and their deep state (and similar organizations in other countries)? Are we ready and able to pull off an international egalitarian revolution? No on all three counts. Essentially everything exposed in Josh's essay (minus the latest specifics) was exposed for me 50+ years ago as a college student, and still we stew in this sewer. ...And it was already old news when I first glimpsed it. There once seemed to be a solution based upon organized labor, but no longer - not least because there simply is no significant organized labor and no means for getting it organized. Best of luck to latter-day generations who now must take their turn at creating a just, affluent, sustainable, egalitarian society, but rest assured that a humanitarian social structure will not come from Washington, Wall Street, or Davos!

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* one more thing - thesis not schizophrenia

* another - people who claim to have knowledge of ETs, which I do not, claim that our planet is exceptionally evil and also that the evil doers are now losing their backing and the tide is turning. Maybe our writing will help.

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Thanks for raining this issue Josh. A few associations

* In my psychotherapy practice I had client with MPD, multiple personality disorder, severely abused and at the time was vaguely aware of a cult that I thought practiced child sacrifice.

* Before the Holocaust there were strict German childrearing practices that encouraged submission and breaking the will of the child. Maybe in the 1990s there was research on the avoidant attachment patterns negative impact on society so they changed the culture and if I remember correctly forbade punishment of children. Alice Miller, who attended my presentation on moral heroism in Amsterdam wrote about that and told me to emphasize about child punishment.

* Think about "hell week" as initiations in fraternities and the succession of abuse - also in th military

* I studied a bit with Christopher Bollas, a psychoanalyst who wrote "The Structure of Evil" theorizing about serial killers. They experienced some major trauma in childhood, a form of "soul murder" not followed by comfort or healing so in later life they found young victims, who represented their innocent self, and first made them feel good and trusting and then killed them as a form of traumatic reenactment.

* I hope to write a piece connecting a few things I saw on Netflix about systems of harm. The Big Short - about the financial bubble and 8 millions losing homes and fortunes while the banks got bailed out and knew they would, "Dopesick" and "Pain Killer" about oxycontin and the Sackler family who just paid a fine with no jail time, and now I am watching "The Family" about the C Street Jesus promoting group exercising global power - even promoting killing gays in Uganda, not to mention congress, and abuse its no consequences, and my friend has anew book out today, Roy Eidelson, "Doing Harm" about the American Psychological Association's partcipation in developing torture techniques and more. Not to mention wars, mRNA shots, CBDC - so there are systems of authoritarian patriarchal domination that seem connect.

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Over the last two years, I have read about all you have written. My heart breaks and hurts for the victims of such horrific evil. It is everywhere around us. Horrific Evil has always been around us in wars, but I believe it is much more pervasive in mass than ever before. Power seekers and greed are on every corner.,Compassion is fading away.

I am a Christian with deep faith. I believe in Satan and good vs. evil. It has always existed, and I believe the time of the Tribulation is here now. Read Revelation, the last book of the Bible.

A course is needed to truly understand it. The Evil is taking over the entire world, so I believe the end is near. People have succumbed to evil because they have turned away from God, his teachings and His love. Many have lost their souls to evil. When God is removed, Satan moves in. When prayer was removed from schools, the government and homes, Satan moved in, and he is now running the world. It is real. Our only hope on Earth is a return to God. I do not see that occurring unless God provides a miracle. I believe in God’s miracles. I’ve seen them. I pray for a miracle every day; however, it may be time for this evil Earth to be destroyed, and God to to take many of us, who love Him, home to Heaven. I pray it is sooner than later considering the state the world is in today. 🙏

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Sickening. So this is what money and power buys. Wow!

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Thank you for your courage to write this.

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Very illuminating and thought-provoking article.

I would add just saome random bits:

Paedophilic scandals in Catholic church were not mentioned, probably they are in some centers organized and it is not a matter of some (if thousands) bad apples.

Article was focused on West, what about rest of the world, esp. China, India and Japan (Japan has verz lax laws about minor sex).

I remember some years ago Rotherham child sex abuses. Could be interpreted in the light of this article?


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This is important work. Thank you.

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