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Someone is hopeful

The Great Awakening vs The Great Reset

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Josh Mitteldorf
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I was attracted to this book only because I saw the extent to which the author is censored and demonized in all poles of the mainstream Western press. The book is not available on Amazon.

In case you have been hibernating for the last 30 months, I’ll define the Great Reset: It’s a plan emanating from the World Economic Forum which promotes itself with lofty goals, such as elimination of poverty and sustainable development. But to achieve these goals, the Resetters propose an unprecedented centralization of power. The world will be ruled by an elite few, and their will enforced by artificial intelligences that micromanage our daily lives.

Note on vocabulary: The author uses the word “nominalism” where I would say “scientism” or “reductionist materialism”. Deeper than any political philosophy, it is a view of the world that emerged from the Enlightenment of the 17th Century, in which physical reality is postulated to be the only reality there is, and all morals, aesthetics, and values are therefore relative to a particular human culture. I think Nietzsche was first to warn us how dangerous it would be for humanity to go down this road.