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I hope it goes without saying that I am reading someone else's essay, and I don't necessarily endorse everything he says. For a lot of the essay, he puts forward a pluralist opposition. I like the idea that the end of our Awakening will be a world that respects local cultures and benefits from the gifts of many traditions. I would like to see a lot of local, direct democracy in our reborn world. The vision of Russian empire that the author presents at the end is anathema to me, just as American empire is anathema to me.

The author also speaks hopefully of Trump and his followers. I can't go there. I think Trump is too incoherent and self-serving to be a reliable leader in the fight against globalism.

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Excellent essay; thank you. Here's a video that I imagine anyone appreciating this reading by Josh will also appreciate. From I think 2015, but a major vision from Brian Thomas Swimme and his interviewer, Adrain David Nelson, ~1hr.


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