Makes total sense, I believe COVID was in the works pre-maturely unleashed as a final attempt to bring down. President Trump and help Biden win. Those quick decisions to lock down never made sense neither avoiding alternative medical treatments, as if they needed people to die helping create more fear and hysteria. What i cannot make sense out of is how many doctors were paid off? I was clear medical protocol was not being followed, suddenly no medical professional was allowed to question what Fauci and CDC were mandating.

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Perhaps it is time for us to organize our own table-top simulations?

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Sep 18, 2022·edited Sep 18, 2022

>> put an end to this nightmare and deliver us all into a future of peace and abundance.

I suspect the real nightmare isn't here yet. The immediate and near term future are going to be really grim, as Mr. Global keeps on trying to kill most of us off or turn us into transhuman slaves. Then things get even worse in the late 2030s - mid 2040s when we lose the global electrical grid to another massive Carrington Event as our protective magnetosphere continues to disappear. And then a few years later, totally blind with no technology to speak of left functioning (except maybe deep underground in the military DUMBs) those few of us who have survived all of the ways that both Mr. Global and Mother Nature have tried to kill us will be decimated without any warning when the Sun micro-novas again, and causes the Earth to undergo another one of it's periodic 12,000 yr cataclysmic destruction cycles, with magnetic excursions, cosmic radiation, pole shifts, high velocity winds, global tsunamis, ice ages, volcanoes, massive earthquakes, etc. Realistically, it will probably be a minimum of a thousand years before Humans (assuming a few will survive, down in the caves & tunnels, like they always have in past cycles) are able to advance themselves out of sheer survival mode to see anything that resembles peace and abundance again. This is a big black pill and I'm sorry to be such a downer, but this is what's coming, and is almost certainly why they're "culling the herd" ahead of time - trying to ensure that only the smartest, strongest, and most resistant to propaganda are around to vie for the limited resources and living space underground...




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